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Technology is making a difference in the mortgage industry, and women are making a difference in mortgage technology. No matter the size of the mortgage operation, technology is the key to tangible and intangible benefits that facilitate operational effectiveness and profitability, and produce the results mortgage customers demand. Technological infrastructure affects the culture, efficiency, and relationships of a mortgage-related business. It also affects the security of confidential information and trade advantages.

In this issue of Mortgage WOMEN Magazine, we are featuring “Women in Mortgage Technology” as our cover story.  We’ve collected an impressive group of women who are leaders in mortgage technology, and we’re featuring highlights about them here for you. Each of our candidates represents a company or group that provides a technology service or product to the mortgage industry in one of the following categories:

  • Corporate Visionaries: Individuals charting a new course for their organization. Women who bring the strategy and put it into action.
  • Director-Level Doers: Drivers of the implementation of Mission-Critical Tactics. Highly influential and all about the process, the women who get it done.
  • The Entrepreneurs: Women who have successfully struck out on their own and built a tech business from scratch or taken over a company and taken it to another level. They have shown-up and showed-out.
  • Rising Stars: Women who are driving innovation at their companies and who are considered to be future leaders in the mortgage technology industry.

The Entrepreneurs

Mary Beth Doyle

Mary Beth Doyle

Mary Beth Doyle, Founder, LoyaltyExpress

Mary Beth Doyle is the Founder of LoyaltyExpress. Mary Beth started the company in 2004 leads its creative vision and has expanded the number of services, which are focused on mortgage compliance in marketing and CRM, which LoyaltyExpress delivers.

Mary Beth has facilitated the product requirements for our two platforms, CustomerManager and MarketingCentral. She launched CustomerManager in 2005 long before the “cloud” was a reality for mortgage companies to adopt. MarketingCentral was launched in 2011.

She is leading the release of a MarketingCentral app for Mary Beth has a unique ability to explain technology in very simple terms and to strategize with mortgage executives on how technology can be used. She and LoyaltyExpress have been recognized by the industry as a company, in an era of heightened concern over compliance mortgage marketing, providing expertise and technology that lenders can trust.

Nationally, Mary Beth has been recognized by Executive Women International as a top achiever in business. Previously, she held several executive-level positions for major data mining and business intelligence companies (internationally) as well as owning and operating start-up and consulting companies in the print and fashion industries.

Rachael Sokolowski

Rachael Sokolowski

Rachael Sokolowski, President, Magnolia Technologies, LLC

Rachael Sokolowski is President for Magnolia Technologies, LLC, and she has been in the mortgage technology space for 15 years. Rachael has extensive experience in electronic and digital signatures and in residential and commercial loan technology platforms from origination and closing to vaulting and servicing.

For the past eleven years, she has been a major contributor to the mortgage banking industry standards organization, Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO). Rachael is currently Co-Chair of the MISMO, eMortgage Workgroup.

Previously, she served as chair of the MISMO Universal Loan Identifier and Universal Document Identifier Workgroups, eMortgage Closing Transactions Workgroup, and co-chair of the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) and eRecording eXcellence Workgroup, providing leadership for electronic recording in the property records industry.

Rachael received the MISMO Standards Champion award in 2014 and the MISMO Chairman’s Award in January 2016. She holds a BA in Mathematics from Smith College.

Lori Brewer, President/Owner, LBAWare

Lori Brewer

Lori Brewer is the Owner and President of LBAWare. She founded LBAWare in 2008 to provide customized retail, commercial, and mortgage banking web and database application solutions. LBA Ware connects Loan Origination Systems to Core Bank Servicing systems, CRM platforms, and LBAWare’s automated mortgage compensation (commissions and bonuses) application, “Compensafe!”

Her innovations include a mortgage reporting and dashboard app, providing a bridge between the mortgage/banking company’s Loan Origination System and accounting system. The company also builds and provide on-going support for an integration application linking the Mortgage Loan Origination System and Core Banking Servicing systems.

Lori was previously with Fairfield Financial Services, Homenet Communications, and served in the U.S. Air Force. LBAWare was named a Top 40 Innovative Technology Company 2013 and 2014, and received the Housing Wire TECH100 award in 2015. Lori holds a BS in Architectural Engineering from the University of Kansas and an MS in Structural Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.


Corporate Visionaries

Robin Gordon

Robin Gordon, Chief Data Officer, CoreLogic

Robin Gordon is the Chief Data Officer for CoreLogic, and she brings 20+ years’ experience in data strategy, operations, and technology to the mortgage industry.  In Robin’s current role, she is exploring ever-increasing data technology capabilities, including artificial intelligence, big data solutions, machine learning, and data science tools.

Through this exploration, Robin is planning to bring in advanced data technologies that will help CoreLogic deliver more insight to customers—to ensure the utmost quality and speed.

She continually looks for challenges and opportunities within CoreLogic, as well as the industry, leading to major transformation initiatives at CoreLogic, including business process redesign, technical advancement, cultural improvements, and business reengineering.

Robin is committed to mentoring her team to help improve their confidence, engagement and responsibilities. Prior to joining CoreLogic, Robin was at Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) and IBM. Robin is a board member of Integral Board Group, LLC, a high-impact, fully engaged and for-hire Board Service Provider (BSP).

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Economics and Information System at University of South Africa, and a Master of Business Administration at The University of Texas at Austin.

Nancy Alley

Nancy Alley

Nancy Alley, Vice President of Strategic Planning, Simplifile

Nancy Alley is the Vice President of Strategic Planning at Simplifile. In her current position, Nancy spearheads the innovation of mortgage technology solutions that address the changing needs of all players in the industry.

Recently appointed to the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) board of directors, Nancy provides insight from the perspective of those in the trenches of the industry and from technology providers working to deliver solutions that work towards solving industry problems and regulatory challenges.

Her ability to see the challenges that TRID and other regulatory changes have brought to the market, coupled with her foresight of future changes, has enabled her to strategically direct the development of collaboration technology in the last year that connects the title settlement system into a loan origination system, something that had never been done before. Nancy enjoys mentoring others and has already taken an active role at Simplifile to mentor young female professionals.

In 2014, Nancy’s reputation as a thought leader around women in technology took center stage when she co-chaired a special panel session at MBA Tech regarding women technology professionals. The panel addressed common myths and challenges, and provided advice to aspiring female technologists. In true visionary style, Nancy founded SignOnline in May 1999, the same year the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) was passed and nearly a year before The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (E-Sign) Act was signed into law.

Prior to Simplifile, Nancy was with ISGN, Xerox Mortgage Services, and GE Capital, and owned two industry companies, Integration Alley, Inc., and SignOnline, Inc. Nancy holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance from the University of Michigan.


Director-Level Doers

Hailey Middleton

Hailey Middleton

Hailey Middleton, Director of Knowledge Management, Motivity Solutions

Hailey Middleton serves as the Director of Knowledge Management for Motivity Solutions. Mortgage Business Intelligence is an evolving art form, and methods for implementation and training are undergoing constant change.

Training and mentoring programs designed by Hailey have dramatically increased the pace and effectiveness of knowledge transfer for groundbreaking mortgage technology.

Her ability to integrate user needs with system technicalities and abilities enables new users to be more effective and successful earlier in the curve, which is inherently reducing cycle times and increasing pull through industry-wide, with the indelible effect of reducing operational cost more than any other initiative in recent years. Her work at Motivity Solutions is having a direct and incontrovertible effect on the health of the mortgage technology and mortgage industry overall.

Prior to Motivity Solutions, she held positions at J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch. Hailey holds a BSBA in Finance from the University of Denver.


Linda Scott

Linda Scott

Linda Scott, SVP Technology & Software Development and Partner, Guild Mortgage

Linda Scott serves as Partner and the SVP Technology & Software Development at Guild Mortgage. In her current role, she oversees the company’s core business systems, infrastructure and services.

Starting in software development in 1985 as a programmer analyst, Linda has worked on a wide range of mission critical applications, and has progressed through the company to lead the Information Technology area through key growth stages and provides leadership and project management in support of all Guild systems, including EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), the Year 2000 Project, web development, and many hardware and software upgrades.

She plays a central role in driving the strategy relative to product and services technology, architecture and infrastructure with a focus on improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Linda is a graduate of Coleman College with honors in software development.


Rising Stars

Rachael Chmiel

Rachael Chmiel

Rachael Chmiel, Regional Client Director, Motivity Solutions

Rachael Chmiel is a Regional Client Director at Motivity Solutions. In less than a year, Rachael moved from technical support, to the role of Business Analyst, and shortly thereafter was given a client services team to manage as Regional Client Director for the eastern United States.

In the world of business intelligence, client services is the hot seat, and Regional Client Director is one of the most challenging positions. Juggling management duties, client projects, and frequent travel to client sites for consulting projects, Rachael continues to advance the art of managing the evolution of Mortgage Business Intelligence for every type of mortgage enterprise.

In transferring and cultivating this expanding knowledge to her team and department, Rachael is directly impacting the industry’s ability to eliminate time-consuming manual analytics processes and expand the use of embedded, automated, visual analytics, a movement that is transforming and vastly improving the way our entire industry does business.

Rachael was previously with Management Science Associates, Inc., BNY Mellon, and Provident Funding Associates, L.P. She holds a BS in Computer Science from Allegheny College, and a BS in Economics-Statistics from University of Pittsburgh, College of Arts and Science.

Mona Bowerbank

Mona Bowerbank

Mona Bowerbank, Senior Software Architect, Quandis, Inc.

Mona Bowerbank is a Senior Software Architect with Quandis, Inc., and has served in the mortgage technology space for 16 years. Mona’s leadership is demonstrated in mentoring other women in the field of software development.

In each company she has joined, as new hires have come on board she fosters a development environment focused on skill sets and potential. She is adept at screening, hiring, and taking a hands-on role to mentor less experienced engineers.

Mona is passionate about helping people grow and be as successful as possible. On the technical side, she has contributed significant mortgage-centric technology solutions. Among other innovations, she helped develop a business rules engine that serves as the conductor to tell other applications what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Basically, the engine is the brains behind many other best-of-breed as well as end-to-end platforms. Mortgage technology is more than a job for Mona, and she lives and breathes building leading-edge mortgage technology solutions.


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