Four Things to Know About Facebook Ads


Facebook has extended its ads platform to provide powerful tools for advertisers. These tools allow brands to build deeper funnels that convert cold prospects into warm leads. Facebook’s ad network provides robust targeting based on a variety of demographic information; however, be aware that Facebook is no longer the “cheap” option for your campaigns. While cost per click rates can be considerably more cost effective, be prepared to dedicate a large part of your marketing budget to your ad spend.

Before you jump into Facebook advertising, there are some things you should know.

  1. You can leverage your customer database and website traffic to advertise to customers at different stages in the funnel. One of the best tools that Facebook introduced in the last year is the ability to build custom audiences. You can now build Facebook audiences based on website traffic during specific time windows, as well as from your existing customer database. Even better? You can take your customer database and create a lookalike audience shares commonalities with your existing customers.
  2. If you plan to advertise on Facebook, you’ll need to dedicate a considerable amount of advertising dollars. Facebook has established itself as a major player in display advertising. Its accessibility has made it easier for advertisers to leverage the network; however, this has also increased the competition for your timeline real estate. To properly set up, build, and test a targeted advertising campaign, plan to spend a larger part of your budget on Facebook ads than you would have a few years ago.
  3. Video is still important. Facebook’s algorithm still weighs videos above any other kind of content. Adding a video to your funnel will grab your target audience’s attention. Surprisingly, when testing higher production value against “homemade” videos, the organic homemade videos draw more views. In many cases, you don’t need fancy gear – just good lighting and your phone!
  4. Install the pixel on your landing page. If you are running ads to a page without the Facebook pixel properly installed, this is the same as trying to drive down a road with a flat tire. The Facebook pixel tells the advertising network that your page is relevant to the audience. Facebook provides thorough instructions about installation; however, if you are not familiar with coding you may want to ask your developer for help.

With a strong landing page, you can build a funnel that not only captures leads but also builds trust with new customers. Work with a trusted and experienced Facebook advertising agency to create a strong advertising campaign that will maximize your spending budget.

Carly Reeves is the vice president for digital advertising  agency 2930 Creative. Based in Dallas, the agency  specializes in creating insightful content aimed at millennials and underserved markets.


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