Does Your Email Signature Suck?  7 Things to Consider! 


An email signature can be as simple as your name and phone number, or it can be as elaborate as mini-resume!

But, what most loan officers fail to realize is that your email signature is another piece of the marketing puzzle — one more way to be unique and different from your competitors.

I’d like to share with you seven things that will make your email messages pop—because it’s one more way to get people to remember that you are in the mortgage business!

Keep it simple – Include your name, company, ALL of your phone numbers, email address, and license or registration number. However, use different color lettering than you use in the body of your message—so it’s noticeable.

Social Media – Do you want people to LIKE your Facebook Fan page? Follow your tweets? Visit your website? Add the direct links to your email signature, and include a short description of exactly what you want to them to do. For example, “If you are a member of Facebook, I’d love to have you become a FAN of mine:“ Don’t just provide a link and HOPE that they know what to do!

Your Picture – This is a tough decision to make. Some Internet browsers block pictures. Some are slow to load pictures, while others—the pictures will appear with no problems whatsoever. And you won’t know that because it is the person receiving the email that will be viewing it. A color picture is always recommended, but there is an alternative—a pencil drawing of your face! Internet sites like will take your picture and create a sketch for as little as five dollars.

Video Links – This option can be really cool—especially if you have four or five videos for prospects/clients to view. The best way is to create your YouTube channel and add links to the videos in your email signature. Give a short description of what each one is about. For example:

  • View video called: Seven ways to get money for your down payment
  • View video called: List of things needed for your loan application
  • View video called: How to shop for homeowners insurance
  • View video called: Why you should get a home inspection

Multiple Signatures – Most email systems will allow you to create multiple signatures, and I highly suggest that you have one for clients/prospects and a different one for real estate agents. Consider this:

  • You might have two different Facebook fan pages—one for clients and one for real estate agents
  • Your tag line might be different
  • You may have a different video series
  • Or even a different picture
  • Or a “secret” cell phone number just for agents.

Mini Resume – Your email signature could include a list of your past achievements, such as: Board of Directors of Junior Achievement, Past President of Washington Middle School PTA, Chamber of Commerce Committee Member, Board of Realtors Education Committee. It’s great to let people know that you are involved in the community.

Tag Lines & Quotes – Tag lines are statements that relate to your business—what type of business you do; your motto; how you treat your clients; asking for referrals. Something like…”We work for you and not the bank!” Or “Lending you a hand when it comes time to buy or refinance your home.”

A quote, on the other hand, is usually something that you believe in. How you live your life. Usually, it originated from a famous author or person.

If you include a quote, change it periodically. Nobody wants to see the same one over and over again. However, your tag line should be the same, email after email, to complement and be consistent with other marketing that you do.

So, here’s the bottom line (no pun intended) – when creating your email signature, ask yourself:

What do you want people to know about you?

What action steps do you want them to take?


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