It’s Time to Re-prioritize


While women compose around 50 percent of the American workforce, less than 15 percent of our nation’s CEOs are women. In traditionally male-dominated industries such as mortgage, the absence of high-ranking women is highly prevalent. In addition to a lack of representation by women in leadership positions, I believe women are often underrepresented and their skills underutilized at all levels of organizations. As an industry, we seem to be aware of this, yet little is being done to make changes for improvement. Is this because we are unsure of what to do about it? Or is it because we don’t believe this really matters?

If the answer is the latter, it’s time to re-prioritize. Women bring an integral aspect to leadership needed across organizations. In a study performed by the Harvard Business Review, in which 7,200 leaders (from senior management to entry level) were studied, the researchers found that “at every level, more women were rated as better overall leaders than their male counterparts.” Unsurprisingly, they found that women outperformed males in traditionally “nurturing” areas such as empathy, conflict management, team building, and ability to influence. However, women were also found to outperform their male counterparts in two strengths that are stereotypically male including taking initiative and driving results. Other studies have found similar results, including the 2016 Peterson Institute for International Economics, in which they found that higher representation of women in leadership positions leads to higher profitability and higher productivity. This research demonstrates that having strong female engagement at every level of your organization is a competitive necessity.

At Mortgage Women Magazine, we want to promote women leaders and encourage all members of our industry to engage women, leverage our unique strengths, and promote female leadership. Through our magazine, we hope to not only be a source of quality news and publication, but to also be a source of community.

Here are a few ways you can join this movement:

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Thank you for your involvement, and I look forward to growing our community and impact together.


Kristin Messerli

Millennial Marketing:

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