Mortgage Moms: What’s Your Story?


By Jessica Rocho Nagatani

I would never have imagined in 2004 when I started my career as a young, single 24- year-old, that I would be sitting here 13 years later with a beautiful home in Kailua, Hawaii, an amazing husband, one smart and a bit sassy four-year-old girl, and 8.5 months pregnant with a little boy on the way. I never actually dreamed of having a family. I always pictured myself as the boss, Katharine Parker (Sigourney Weaver), in the movie, “Working Girl.”.  I would have a nice condo in the sky with a corner office and the view of the city. Maybe I never dreamt of a family because subconsciously I knew how hard it would be to become a working mother. I am not saying this transition from career-focused to family/career-focused is difficult for everyone; I am saying it wasn’t easy and is still a daily challenge for me.

I look forward to sharing these challenges; the growth; the regression; and the good, the bad, and the ugly with women in this business. Along this journey, my hopes are that we can grow together, realize we are not alone, and that the battle for work-life presence is real. For those of you who have mastered it, congratulations!  I am not you, but I do aspire to feel less guilt and pressure and more satisfaction and joy.

What is your experience as a “Mortgage Mom?”

How do you balance work and family? How did you handle the transition from career to career and family? Share your stories at

Jessica Nagatani

Jessica Rocho Nagatani is the Chief Production Officer for Honolulu Home Loans and a mother of two. Jessica can be reached at


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