Five Tips for Wellness On The Go


By Cindy Smith

As women, we are multifaceted and many times find there are not enough hours in a day to attend to all the facets of our lives. Particularly for professional women, we often put the care and well-being of ourselves bottom on the list.

Most of us have probably read multiple articles on make-ahead crock pot freezer meals, parking the car further from the door, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and many more. Those are all great to implement, but can sometimes be overwhelming and daunting. There are many small changes we can make that take little or no preparation to increase our health and well-being.

Here are five quick and easy tips to incorporate into your daily routine today:

  1. Exercise – Have a simple workout plan that can be done on the go. Body weight exercises, stretching, yoga, and walking can all be incorporated into your day without needing any special equipment or space. Walking is the best exercise and can be done anywhere. There are many apps that take the work out of the workout for you. A great app for exercises, yoga, and stretching on the go is Move – Daily Activity to Stay Healthy. It will even remind you to get up and move throughout the day!
  2. Healthy snacks – Eating small frequent meals or snacks will help keep your metabolism soaring all day and stave off overeating at the end of the day. Snack-sized baggies with a mixture of seeds and nuts are a quick healthy snack that can be kept in your purse or brief case and don’t require refrigeration. Remember to measure your portions!
  3. Meditation/Mindfulness – It’s not necessary to sit in an uncomfortable position and burn incense to reap the benefits of meditation. Beginning each day and even ending each day with five to ten minutes can greatly increase concentration, mental clarity, tolerance, sense of well-being, ability to relate to others, happiness, and many other benefits. Studies have even proven that just ten minutes a day will strengthen the immune system! A great app for short, guided mindfulness meditations is Headspace.
  4. Schedule – Our bodies have a rhythm that flows naturally when we stay on a consistent schedule. A regular routine will improve sleep quality and decrease stress, which will improve energy and the ability to make other healthier choices. And remember to schedule in a little time for fun and relaxation along the way! (Here’s an extra little tip for those who travel frequently: Eating in the time zone where you are helps your body adjust more easily.)
  5. Aromatherapy – Essential oils have been used for generations to reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, improve digestion, and many others. There are so many different oils for different uses, it can be overwhelming. Keep it simple and start with a few basics like lavender for stress, anxiety, and sleep, and peppermint for energy, focus, and headaches. Simply diffuse or rub on the bottoms of your feet to enjoy the benefits!

Cindy is a Certified Integrative Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer for professional women. She has been helping women achieve their health and fitness goals for the past 15 years. Cindy can be reached at


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