From the Editor: May 2017


Mortgage Women Magazine is uniquely positioned to speak to an essential element of the mortgage industry. Approximately 30% of financial service professionals are women, and that number continues to rise, particularly in the mortgage industry. Single women are buying houses at rapid rates with one in five homes sold being purchased by single women.

Mortgage Women Magazine’s mission is to serve the women who make up this storied industry. We strive to focus on your needs and provide salient information to help with your everyday responsibilities. As such, my goal for MWM is to promote engagement among women of all ages in our industry so that we can improve ourselves through mutual education and support each other in our professional development.

To achieve this, you’ll notice more communication from us in the coming weeks. If you have already signed up to receive email newsletters, those will be delivered to your inbox every other week. We will soon have an active presence across social platforms, as well, so be sure to follow and talk to us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter: @MortgageWomen.

A magazine dedicated to the needs of people in its industry is only as good as its engagement with that industry. To that end, we humbly ask you to share your expertise: please, feel free to submit articles for publication to or on our website. Our content is also open for you to pass to your colleagues, clients, and companies, and we appreciate each share. Is there something you (or they) felt was particularly on the nose, or wildly off base? Tell us. We welcome all your thoughts and ideas for improvement. We are here for you.

Finally, every good business needs a little something to help keep the lights on — passion and love only go so far! If you enjoy what you read and see, and it’s useful to you, let us know! Compliments go a long way — and so do advertising dollars. Advertising helps us to keep providing you with content you love, and contributes to the collaborative nature of the industry. No woman is an island, and we all exist to work with one another — even as we compete for business.

I started my business in this industry with the goal of empowering young women and minorities to increase wealth and equal access to opportunity. The mission of this magazine aligns perfectly with my business and personal goals, and I am honored and excited to be a part of its growth.

I am always available as a resource and sounding board, if you have ideas or would like to discuss ways you can get involved with our mission. Contact me directly at or connect on LinkedIn.

I look forward to hearing your feedback from our May issue, and I hope you find it worth sharing with your colleagues and friends.

Kristin Messerli
Managing Editor

Mortgage Women Magazine welcomes your feedback. If you have comments, questions, criticisms, praise, or information to share with us and our readers, please write us at



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