Cheers to the Year of Women


In 2017, we witnessed unprecedented levels of women standing up for gender inequality and sexual harassment in the workplace, and a remarkable number of abusive men have been removed from their positions of power. This year, women are more united and empowered than ever.

The media is calling 2018 “The Year of Women,” reminiscent of the “Year of the Woman” in 1992 following sexual harassment allegations against Supreme Court nominee, Clarence Thomas. In 1992, record numbers of women were elected to Congress and more became involved in politics. This year, it wasn’t a Supreme Court nominee that triggered the women’s movement, but our President. After numerous women accused Trump of sexual harassment, he was elected to arguably the most powerful position in the world. This caused most people, regardless of political opinion, to take a step back, reflect and react.

From the Women’s March to the #metoo movement, hundreds of thousands of women and men have shared their stories of inequality and/or solidarity with victims. While this doesn’t come without its own backlash, it shows significant progress in our ability to come together as a collective voice. In 1992, women were still fighting one-by-one to make it to the top. Today, our strength is unified.

As we look forward at 2018, let’s keep the momentum going. Let’s stand together against injustice, but let’s also move beyond it. Rise to the top of your organizations, not through victimhood, but through the strategies outlined through the community of women leaders in this issue. I had the honor of interviewing a great leader and women’s advocate, Claudia Merkle, COO of National MI, who shared practical insights for rising the ranks. Others in this issue such as Debora Aydelotte and Christine Beckwith share their insights for climbing the ladder of success and setting strategic goals for 2018.

We have carefully crafted these issues to empower you with the strength and community that we hope will give you a platform for future success. Thank you for your continued involvement, and we look forward to hearing and sharing your stories together.

Cheers to the Year of Women,



Kristin Messerli
Managing Editor

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