Book of the Month: Mortgage Risk – A Blueprint for Smarter Origination


Anne Elliott

Mortgage Risk: A Blueprint for Smarter Origination written by Mortgage Women Magazine’s columnist, Anne Elliott.

What is the book about?

Mortgage Risk: A Blueprint for Smarter Origination explores “the why” behind underwriting principles and risk assessment. Along the way, readers will encounter helpful and innovative concepts such as mainstream housing, financial responsibility, asset-based borrowers, the cash-out spectrum, net/gross ratio and financial underwear. The first eight chapters mirror a loan file (application, credit, assets, etc.), and the last ten expand to topics like fraud, the meltdown, borrowers, how to assess risk and decision loans, and underwriting management.

 Who is it for? 

The book started out as a handbook for underwriters who weren’t exposed to the nuances of underwriting, but it ultimately became much more. It is relevant for processors aiming for promotion, and every other industry professional who is curious about what makes a loan request approvable or deniable.

What will readers gain from it? 

As the title says, readers will gain “A blueprint for smarter origination.” The “blueprint” is relevant in two respects. Underwriters and those in affiliated positions will use the book as a resource to enhance competency. For decision-makers, the blueprint is the plan for restoring the industry’s ability to effectively balance risk and rules.

How can readers get the book?

The book may be purchased on Amazon in print or ebook edition.


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